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Visual Design and Branding

Apolis is a socially motivated lifestyle brand who believes that the most valuable way to create lasting change is to invest in people. As the Interactive Art Director from 2011 – 2014, I oversaw and handled all of the design work for branding, shop displays, and product development.

Postcards designed to tell Apolis' rich story were distributed to retail partners all over the globe to accompany product at point of purchase. I also produced the brand portfolio for Apolis' application to join the CFDA which was accepted in 2014.

Within the flagship retail store, branding and displays maintained the familiar Apolis aesthetic while educating new customers. I also provided displays kits for our retail partners who hosted our traveling shop installation, Nomad Market.

Part of Apolis' manufacturing transparency was prominently incorporated into each product by providing the manufacturing origin and the latitude and longitude of the factory. I also developed co-branded product labels for collaboration projects including J.Crew, Filson, West Elm, and Ace Hotel.

Apolis branding is military-inspired utilitarian, which affords an attractive simplicity. Maintaining the aesthetic across multiple mediums aided in enforcing brand recognition and continuity for a wide audience.

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