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The Worship School

Creative Direction and UX Design

The Worship School is a boutique conference where creative leaders are challenged in new ways by inspiring speakers. As Creative Director for the startup, I helped begin a new chapter and shape the creative vision for 2015.

To market and launch the 2015 one-day conference, the website was designed to maintain a consistent look across any device with a utilitarian yet charming brand refresh. This was paired with a content marketing strategy that interwove stories of the speakers with the strong visual aesthetic.

For the 2014 six month program, I revamped the social media strategy with compelling photography in order to showcase a sample of the unique creative lectures. The result was increased followers and engagement, strengthening the audience for a transition to the new chapter in 2015.

The school produced monthly concert events designed to encourage unity among diverse churches within the city. I directed and produced short films for non-profits, to tell their story while increasing volunteers and donations during the events.

The Worship School provides a unique opportunity for creative leaders within the church and culture to learn from some of the most influential voices of our generation. By pairing the vision of the school with a stronger, more cohesive brand we started a new conversation for the creative community.

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