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Production and Content Creation

Apolis' brand story is built on the belief that empowering communities will create lasting change, borne from travels of Apolis' founders. This created a rich backdrop to build communication and engagement with Apolis' customers through storytelling. As the Interactive Art Director from 2011 – 2014, I oversaw and handled all of the photo production and design work for content marketing and films.

I created marketing campaigns built around manufacturing stories, culture, and traveling accompanied by strong typography and rich photography to be placed in email newsletters, social media presence, and singleton websites.

Working with multiple photographers I art directed and provided post processing for a constant stream of styled product and journalistic environmental photography to support each campaign.

Campaigns were also developed as a way to share product collaboration stories.

A community event series invitation was designed using strong typography combined with environmentally styled backdrops that alluded to each featured presenter's unique skillset.

I provided art direction for each of the Apolis films which highlighted special events, manufacturing stories, and travel expeditions.

The Apolis narrative provided a unique opportunity to bring together a diverse range of stories, structured within consistent design details. Establishing the brand's continuity helped strengthen the audience, which was shown in increased e-commerce conversion rates and a 200% growth in annual revenue over three years.

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