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UX Design and Writing

Darling is a print magazine and blog that forms a lifestyle movement to redefine “the art of being a woman.” From 2010 – 2013 I worked with them to launch and establish their online web presence and contributed to early issues of the print magazine launch in 2012.

For Darling's Winter Issue N° 2, I wrote a guide to the neighborhoods of New York's Manhattan Island in collaboration with my wife. We provided art direction for an illustration to accompany the article and also art directed the imagery for an article on winter beverage recipes.

“Manhattan's rich history of being a primary gateway to the New World has made it a cultural capital, brought together by nomads from all parts of the world. This has resulted in a contrasting yet complimentary culture that evokes a sense of intentional chaos and inspiring human progress.”

I helped establish Darling's web presence by launching a custom designed Wordpress blog designed around the idea of eight different ‘personas’ that each article can be categorized within. I later adapted the brand assets for high resolution displays while migrating the blog to a new server and template to accommodate a responsive redesign, with integration for the new online shop.

Darling is making waves where the vast majority of lifestyle publications are found lacking in integrity of content. It was great to assist them in building foundations for their movement and while their audience grew to include distribution in stores such as Anthropology and Nordstrom.

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