Visual Brand Identity

Art Direction • Branding • Copywriting • Product Development • Prepress

The Apolis visual identity is heavily marked by the preferred type family of ITC Franklin Gothic, set with generous tracking in the Book Extra Compressed style/weight. The result is a military-inspired utilitarian look which yields an attractive simplicity when paired with the rich fabric textures collection garments.

In taking cues from WWII-era military tailors, the brand manufacturing transparency was incorporated into each product by providing the country of origin and latitude/longitude of each factory or workshop. Maintaining this bold, clear aesthetic across multiple mediums aided in enforcing brand recognition and continuity for a wide audience.

The packaging and product trim design has received recognition from esteemed publications including The Dieline, ISO50, and NY Times.

The brand aesthetic was also maintained in a complete experience for online shoppers, as designs integrated onto shipping boxes, stamps, and letterhead for each online customer.