I’m an interactive art director with a passion for developing strong creative strategies in service of authentically communicating a story.

I believe that good design requires discipline and that creativity is a process involving imagination, discovery, and iteration. I have a multifaceted expertise within art direction, responsive web strategy, photography, and film production. If you’d like to work together, please contact me with information about your project.

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Freelance Consulting


Interactive Art Director

I am available for consulting in art direction, interactive strategy, UI design, front-end development, and Wordpress/Squarespace deployment. Past clients include: Stephen Kenn, Nina Hans, Darling Magazine, Alchemy Works, Wilderness Collective, Chris Earl, Mister Alphabet, and Double Agent Media

The Worship School


Creative Director

Creative direction for content marketing in print, email and social media. Art direction for website redesign with a responsive design strategy. Creative direction for event production.

Calvary Spokane


Creative Director

Art direction for print, email and social media campaigns. Direction and production short films for local non-profits. Creative direction for events, photography, and presentations slides.



Interactive Art Director

Art direction for weekly content marketing campaigns, wholesale sales materiels, retail POP displays, and CFDA brand portfolio. Produced editorial and product-based photo shoots for content marketing and journal photo stories. Produced product-based photo shoots for wholesale catalogs and online retail store product. Designed branding and tech packs for clothing, luggage, and accessory products. Lead designer for all packaging, brand letterhead, and marketing materials. Developed a responsive web strategy with an improved UI for email campaigns and ecommerce website.

Rising Sun & Co.


Operations Manager

Oversaw clothing production with in house sewers and contracted manufacturers. Managed logistics and sales for wholesale accounts and distributors. Managed retail shop sales, merchandising, and product inventory. Web development and art direction for website redesign with a responsive design strategy creating a strong emphasis on the brand's rich story.

Calvary Creative


Interactive Art Director

Designed and developed websites for a vocational worship school and annual conference events. Art direction and web development for promotional e-mail campaigns. Produced conference and workshop-based events as audio and video content for retail product. Taught a course on the basics of sound engineering and mobile recording with laptop computers as an essential tools.

Calvary Media


Media Production Manager

Converted archival analog media to digital for repurposing content and long term storage. Produced conference and workshop-based events as audio and video content for retail product. Designed web based templates for navigation of multi-volume audio content playback. Produced weekly audio content for physical media, radio, and internet streaming. Produced radio advertisements for retail product.